Destination of Elegance !



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Cropped style top and skirt,
Mesh fabric embellishment.
• Classic black color
• Perfect for many occasions,
• Extremely high hand beaded work all over (Crystal Blackstone)
Custom made

Two Piece Gown

Step into the spotlight with the two-piece gown, a garment that embodies the fusion of modernity and timeless elegance. This ensemble, crafted in a divine shade that captures the night’s mystery, is a celebration of personal style and sophistication. The two-piece design offers a contemporary twist on evening wear, allowing for a display of individuality and fashion-forward sensibility.

Mesh Fabric

The gown’s allure is heightened by the use of mesh fabric, a material that delicately balances exposure with modesty. This fabric’s intricate web-like structure adds a layer of intrigue to the ensemble, playing a game of hide and seek with the onlooker’s gaze. It’s a tactile experience, inviting touch and promising comfort without sacrificing the gown’s stately charm.

Cropped Top

At the heart of this ensemble lies the cropped top, a bold statement piece that exudes confidence and daring. This element of the gown speaks to a liberated spirit, unafraid to break free from convention and embrace a more avant-garde approach to formal attire. The cropped top is not just a fashion choice; it’s a declaration of autonomy and self-expression.

Hand Sewn Crystal Beads

The gown is further embellished with hand sewn crystal beads, each one carefully placed by artisans who understand the value of precision. These luminous adornments catch the light, creating a constellation effect that dazzles and delights. The beadwork is not merely decorative; it is the embodiment of luxury, each crystal a testament to the gown’s exclusivity and the wearer’s exquisite taste.

Divine by Devon Couture

Behind this magnificent creation is Devon Couture, a name that resonates with quality and haute couture. Known for their dedication to craftsmanship and innovative designs, Devon Couture ensures that every gown is a work of art, a unique piece that stands as a beacon of high fashion and unparalleled elegance.

In this two-piece gown, you are not just attending an event; you are redefining it. The mesh fabric with its tantalizing texture, the boldness of the cropped top, and the sparkle of hand-sewn crystal beads come together to create a masterpiece of evening wear. As you make your entrance, the gown becomes an extension of your persona, a reflection of your grace, and a symbol of your indomitable style.

Embrace the night with the assurance that comes from wearing a piece of Devon Couture, knowing that in this gown, you are the epitome of sophistication. Let the two-piece gown be your armor and your crown as you navigate the evening, a true vision of modern-day royalty. With every step, the gown tells a story of elegance, allure, and a romance with fashion that is deep and enduring.

You are not just making an appearance; you are creating a moment—a moment that will be remembered long after the night has ended. Let this gown be your declaration of independence, a statement that in the world of fashion, you are a force to be reckoned with.



Tailors are not required for measurements. All you need is a measuring tape, in case you need help please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Also you can follow the following steps to get help

When placing an order for a gown and taking measurements, please refer to the initial measurement chart. For selecting sizes for tops, consult the second chart, and for bottoms, adhere to the third chart.

1. Click on the images & download the Measurements pdf
2. Fill up the form
3. Send us the chart on whats app along with your order number

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