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  • Tulle Fabric Gown: The Alora gown is crafted from high-quality stretched smooth fabric, offering a sleek and form-fitting silhouette that’s both comfortable and elegant.
  • Chiffon Cape with Hand Embroidery and Faux Feather: It features a removable chiffon cape that is beautifully hand-beaded and embellished with faux feathers, adding a touch of sophistication and versatility to the gown.
  • Hollywood Inspired Side Slit: The skirt boasts a high side slit, lending a modern and classic Hollywood-inspired allure to the gown’s overall design.
  • High-Quality Stretch Fabric: Made with a high-quality stretch fabric, the gown ensures a flattering fit that accentuates the natural curves of the body.
  • Built-In Bra with Zipper Back Closure: A built-in bra provides support, while the zipper back closure offers a seamless and secure fit.
  • Sweetheart Neckline: The plunging sweetheart neckline with illusion tulle adds a romantic and alluring touch to the gown.
  • Devon Couture by Jannat Akhi: As part of the Devon Couture collection, this gown reflects the brand’s commitment to blending timeless elegance with contemporary fashion.

This Alora gown is designed for those who wish to make a bold statement and shine through the night with a mesmerizing and breathtaking style. Perfect for any event that calls for a unique and unforgettable appearance.

Tulle Fabric Gown

The Alora gown begins its journey as a vision in tulle, a fabric that whispers tales of elegance and enchantment. The gown’s foundation is crafted from dreams, a tulle fabric that envelops the wearer in a cloud of softness and splendor. It serves as the perfect canvas for a gown that is not only a work of art but also a celebration of the wearer’s own story—a narrative spun from the threads of sophistication and allure.

Chiffon Cape with Hand Embroidery and Faux Feather

As the tale of the gown unfolds, we are graced with the majestic cape, a masterpiece of embroidery by hand. This detachable cape, a symbol of versatility and style, adds a layer of intrigue and drama to the gown. The hand-embroidered details are a testament to the meticulous attention to detail by Jannat Akhi is celebrated for, while the faux feathers add a touch of whimsy and movement, creating a silhouette that is both regal and captivating.

Hollywood Inspired Side Slit

The gown’s silhouette is further accentuated by a Hollywood-inspired side slit, a feature that exudes confidence and sensuality. This high side slit not only adds a touch of allure but also allows for an ultra-flattering silhouette, ensuring that all eyes are drawn to the wearer. It is a nod to the classic glamour of the silver screen, reimagined for the modern muse.

High-Quality Stretch Fabric

Crafted from high-quality stretch fabric, the Alora gown promises a fit that is both comfortable and flattering. The smooth fabric stretches to embrace the body’s curves, offering a silhouette that is as seamless as it is stunning. This choice of material reflects the gown’s commitment to combining form with function, allowing the wearer to move with ease and grace.

Built-in Bra with Zipper Back Closure

The gown’s design includes a built-in bra with a zipper back closure, ensuring a silhouette that is both supportive and sleek. This feature allows for a backless design that is as functional as it is breathtaking, providing the wearer with the confidence to shine without restraint.

Sweetheart Neckline

The plunging sweetheart neckline with illusion tulle is the centerpiece of the gown, a design choice that marries modesty with allure. The neckline frames the décolletage, offering a canvas of skin set against the gown’s deep blue hue, while the illusion tulle adds a touch of mystery and sophistication.

Alora, A Devon Couture by Jannat Akhi

The Alora gown is a signature piece of Couture by Jannat Akhi, a label that stands at the intersection of innovation and tradition. This gown is a reflection of the designer’s philosophy: to create garments that are not just worn but experienced, that tell a story and evoke emotion.



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