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Luxury Blazer with Long Sleeves

The Devon Couture blazer is a testament to the art of luxury tailoring. The long sleeves are not merely a structural necessity; they are canvases for expression. Adorned with delicate beadwork, they whisper tales of grandeur with every movement. The sleeves’ length ensures a graceful overlay, while their cut maintains a sleek silhouette, allowing for both comfort and style.

Double Breasted Peak Lapels

A blazer is defined by its lapels, and the double-breasted peak lapels on this piece assert a bold statement of authority and sophistication. The peak lapels, sharp and pronounced, hark back to an era of classic elegance, reimagined for the modern connoisseur. They create a V-shape that elongates the torso, enhancing the wearer’s stature.

Wide Pants

The wide pants are a celebration of fluidity and form. They are cut to allow a generous drape, which not only flatters the figure but also offers a contemporary edge to the ensemble. The hem of the pants is carefully tailored to hit just the right note of casual elegance, making them versatile for various occasions.

Beadworks and Patch Pockets

The beadwork on the blazer is a symphony of meticulous craftsmanship. Each bead is a note in a melody of shimmering elegance, carefully orchestrated to catch the light and the eye. The patch pockets serve a dual purpose: they are practical, offering a place to carry essentials, and they are stylish, adding a touch of casual flair to the structured formality of the blazer.

Fabric: Plain Thick Scuba, Lining Silk

The choice of fabric speaks volumes about the quality of this garment. The plain thick scuba material provides a substantial, yet supple, foundation for the blazer, ensuring it holds its shape while offering ease of movement. The silk lining is a secret between the garment and the wearer, a luxurious touch that feels like a whisper against the skin.

Details: Lapel Collar, Full Long Sleeves, Bead Detailing, Wide Pants, Blouse Separated

Every detail of this ensemble has been thoughtfully considered to create a cohesive look that exudes confidence and grace. The lapel collar frames the neckline, leading the eye to the face, while the full long sleeves and wide pants create a balanced proportion. The blouse, separated from the blazer, allows for versatility in styling, making this outfit a true investment piece for any wardrobe.

Luxury Blazer with Long Sleeves

Step into a world where fashion transcends the ordinary, and every stitch tells a story of luxury. The Devon Couture blazer by Jannat Akhi is not just a garment; it’s a journey into the heart of opulence. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this blazer is a sartorial masterpiece designed for the discerning individual who commands attention without uttering a word.

Double Breasted Peak Lapels

The blazer boasts double-breasted peak lapels, a timeless feature that evokes the golden age of fashion while remaining firmly rooted in contemporary design. The sharp, commanding lines of the lapels frame the face, drawing the eye to the wearer’s confident gaze. This is a blazer that speaks of power, of an unspoken understanding that you are in the presence of someone truly remarkable.

Wide Pants

Accompanying the blazer are wide pants that drape effortlessly, creating a silhouette that is both modern and classic. The fluidity of the fabric mirrors the ease with which the wearer navigates any space, be it the boardroom or a high-society soiree. These pants are not just a component of an outfit; they are the canvas on which your personal style narrative is drawn.

Beadworks and Patch Pockets

Adorning the blazer are intricate beadworks, each one carefully placed by the skilled artisans of Devon Couture. The beads catch the light, creating a constellation of sparkle that charts a course across the fabric. The patch pockets are not merely functional; they are a statement, a nod to the practicality that lies at the heart of true luxury.

Ivory, Devon Couture by Jannat Akhi

This Devon Couture piece by Jannat Akhi is more than just clothing; it’s a narrative of fashion’s potential to empower and inspire. It’s designed for the individual who appreciates the finer things in life and isn’t afraid to stand out. With its rich vocabulary of design elements, this ensemble promises to be a timeless addition to any luxury collection.



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