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Upon accessing this Website, you wholeheartedly consent to abide by and adhere to the ensuing Terms and Conditions of Use, in addition to the pertinent general sales terms and conditions if you opt to make an online purchase via this Website. Should you decline to accept the entirety of the Terms and Conditions of Use, we kindly request that you promptly exit this Website.


This Website is under the administration of Devon, commonly known as “DEVON”. The products showcased on the Website are offered for sale directly by the Devon company itself.

1.2 Our company holds the exclusive prerogative to alter, adjust, append, or eliminate segments of these Terms of Use whenever it deems necessary. Nevertheless, we shall inform our clients of any amendments to our terms and conditions three weeks prior to their implementation. Should you continue to use the Site subsequent to the publication of these modifications, it signifies your acknowledgment and consent to abide by these alterations. Provided that you adhere to these Terms of Use, we extend to you an individual, non-exclusive, and restricted entitlement to access and utilise the Site.


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3.1 This entire Website, along with all its content, including the trademark “DEVON” is the exclusive property of Devon. Devon, a company wholly owned by Devon, is officially registered, with its main office located at 12 Qershori Ferizaj 70000.

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These stringent restrictions are imposed to safeguard the integrity of the Website and its associated content, ensuring that they are not subject to unauthorised manipulation, duplication, or distribution. It is essential to recognize and adhere to these protective measures, which are in place to uphold the rights and integrity of the Website and its content on a global scale.


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In accordance with the stipulated terms, we extend to you the privilege of accessing and utilising the Platforms, albeit within certain limitations that encompass the following:


(A) Refraining from engaging in any activities on the Platforms that could potentially harm or tarnish the esteemed reputation of Devon.

(B) Acknowledging that the Platforms are exclusively intended for your personal utilisation, and as such, you are prohibited from employing them for any form of commercial or business purposes.


Our company hereby bestows upon you a restricted authorization to access and make use of the Platforms and its Content, strictly for your individual, non-commercial use. This authorization is extended to facilitate your personal engagement with the Platforms while upholding the established guidelines and restrictions.


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We expect you to embrace this electronic mode of communication as it allows for efficient and timely interactions between you and our company. It’s important to recognize and accept this electronic communication process, which enables us to effectively convey important information and maintain a seamless line of contact with you as you navigate the Platforms.


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Should you encounter any grievances pertaining to our services, we kindly request that you initially attempt to resolve the issue through informal means. You can initiate this process by getting in touch with our dedicated customer support team via email at or by visiting our physical offices in person.


We believe in addressing concerns in a prompt and constructive manner, and our customer support team is well-equipped to assist you in finding an amicable resolution. Your feedback and input are highly valued, and we encourage open communication to ensure your satisfaction with our services. Please feel free to connect with us through the provided channels, and we will make every effort to address your concerns and provide the necessary assistance.


Please be advised that all the Terms and Policies associated with our company are exclusively provided and considered legally binding in the English language. We do not assume responsibility for any interpretations or translations of these terms and policies in languages other than English.


It is crucial for users to acknowledge that the official and authoritative version of our company’s Terms and Policies is the English version. Any attempts to interpret or translate these documents into other languages are done at the user’s own discretion and risk. We advise all users to refer to the English version of our Terms and Policies to ensure a clear and accurate understanding of our company’s guidelines and regulations.


10.1 At Devon, our products are meticulously crafted and meticulously assembled by skilled artisans. We believe that the essence of Haute Couture can only be faithfully captured through the meticulous handiwork and craftsmanship of our dedicated team.


Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures that each product is a masterpiece in its own right. We take pride in preserving the true spirit of Haute Couture by embracing traditional craftsmanship techniques that have been passed down through generations.


By handcrafting our products, we infuse them with a unique sense of artistry and individuality, making each piece a work of art that reflects our dedication to quality and precision. It is through this hands-on approach that we maintain the authenticity and soul of Haute Couture in every creation.

10.2 Our brand offers three categories of products:

We offer a range of exquisite handmade products to cater to our customers’ preferences and requirements.

  • Ready-Made Products: These are meticulously crafted items available in stock and are ready for immediate purchase. Our ready-made products typically come in standard sizes, including S, M, and L. Once payment is received, these items are promptly shipped to our customers.

  • Pre-Made Products: Our pre-made dresses are also handmade but can be customised to fit your specific measurements. While the design remains unaltered, we tailor these dresses to ensure a perfect fit based on your provided measurements.

  • Customised Products: For a truly unique and tailored experience, we offer customised products. These special handmade orders allow you to personalise the design and measurements in collaboration with our professional designers at Devon.

Please note that some of our dresses may feature metallic or intricate elements due to their handmade nature. We recommend handling them with care, especially as they are designed for special occasions. If you encounter any challenges while wearing them, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Additionally, it’s essential to be aware that our products may have limited availability. This is because each item undergoes a meticulous production process, which includes:


  • Designing and Sketching of the Dress
  • Matching the Fabrics
  • Draping
  • Cutting and Sewing
  • Design Detailing
  • Hand Altering
  • Accessorizing

These steps ensure the quality, uniqueness, and attention to detail that characterise our handmade dresses.


10.3 During the course of these meticulous processes, our team of dedicated and expert quality inspectors conducts continuous assessments of each item. In addition, our production procedures include ironing to ensure the highest standards of quality and presentation. Once the product reaches its final stage of completion, it undergoes a comprehensive and rigorous inspection conducted by the Head of the Quality Control Department.


This thorough and exhaustive quality control ensures that every item we craft is not only impeccable in terms of craftsmanship but also meets our stringent quality standards. We take pride in delivering products that are not only visually stunning but also built to stand the test of time. Your satisfaction and confidence in the quality of our offerings are of utmost importance to us.


Rest assured that when you choose our products, you are selecting pieces that have undergone a thorough and expert evaluation to guarantee their excellence and durability.

10.4 The production time frame typically spans up to 28 days for our dresses. However, certain exceptions apply, particularly for larger sizes or instances where a dress needs to be custom recreated, which can extend the production period to as long as 10 weeks. In cases where an item is completed ahead of schedule, our diligent Sales Team will promptly notify you that the product is ready for shipping.


Please keep in mind that there may be instances where your order might take a bit longer to be finalised. This is primarily due to the meticulous step-by-step processes that our products undergo, as previously outlined. Should such circumstances arise, rest assured that you will receive timely communication from us, informing you of the additional time needed to complete your order.


For your convenience, we emphasise checking the production duration specified for each dress on our website while browsing our selection of items. This ensures you have clear expectations regarding the production timeline for your chosen product.

10.5 Upon completion of your product, we will promptly notify you via email that your order is prepared for shipment. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer additional assistance to ensure your order meets your expectations. This includes the option to receive supplementary information like photographs, videos, or even arrange video calls. These aids serve to confirm that the measurements and details of your order align with your preferences.


Once we receive your confirmation and ensure that every aspect of your order meets your approval, we will proceed to ship it out without delay. Our aim is to provide you with a seamless and satisfying shopping experience, keeping you informed and involved throughout the process to guarantee your complete satisfaction with the final product.

10.6 Customers should take into consideration that slight variations in colour may occur due to variations in colour settings on different monitors and screens. Additionally, it’s important to understand that our handmade products are individually crafted, and the design is tailored to the size of the dress. Consequently, there may be minor discrepancies in design as each dress is a unique creation, and human hands may not replicate every detail exactly the same way. These distinctions are characteristic of the craftsmanship involved in our products, and we ensure that each dress retains its individual charm and character. We appreciate your understanding of these subtle differences that add to the uniqueness of your dress.

10.7 We bear the responsibility for crafting the products based on the measurements provided by our valued clients. We kindly request you to meticulously follow the measurement guidelines available on our website to ensure accuracy. It’s crucial to exercise care and precision when taking your measurements. We recommend that the measurements you provide at the time of ordering should closely align with those you expect upon receiving the product. This ensures a seamless and tailored fit, enhancing your overall satisfaction with our creations, as stipulated in section 12.5 of our terms and conditions.

10.8 There may be instances where we need to carefully assess how to adjust the customer’s provided measurements to align with the specific materials used in the ordered product. Given the variability in fabric types, with some being stretchable and others not, it becomes our responsibility as a company to ensure that these fabrics are tailored in a manner that complements the customer’s measurements, thus ensuring a proper fit. Our commitment is to deliver a product that not only matches the customer’s size but also accommodates the unique characteristics of the chosen fabric, resulting in a garment that fits seamlessly and enhances the wearer’s comfort and satisfaction.

10.9 The duration for the bank to confirm payment is separate from what we define as the “working period for a product.” This means that the time taken for the bank’s payment confirmation is not included in the overall processing time of the product.


Each and every order undergoes meticulous quality control, which is carried out by our team of seasoned professionals with a keen eye for detail. This quality assurance process commences right from the initial phase of sourcing raw materials and continues through every stage until the final garment is perfected.


Please take note that any special requests or alterations to the dress, as well as specific shipping preferences, will incur additional charges on top of the original dress price. We aim to accommodate such requests, but they are subject to supplementary fees.


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