Destination of Elegance !
  1. At Devon, we are committed to providing every customer with a flawless fit. That is why we offer a tailor-made service that enables you to personalise your garments according to your distinctive measurements and preferences. Our proficient tailors will create each piece with scrupulous attention to detail, ensuring that you radiate elegance and confidence in your Devon creations.


1.1 To guarantee the precision of your measurements, we advise that you follow these steps:


  • Use a pliable measuring tape that can contour your body comfortably.
  • Wear scanty or no clothing to avoid adding surplus inches to your measurements.
  • Stand erect and relaxed, with your feet moderately apart and your arms at your sides.
  • Solicit a friend or a family member to assist you in taking the measurements, or use a mirror if you are doing it by yourself.
  • Take the measurements in inches or centimetres, depending on your preference.

Record the measurements in a notebook or on your phone, and keep them accessible when you place your order.


1.2 The following are the measurements that we require for your Devon garments:


Bust: Measure around the amplest part of your bust, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Waist: Measure around the slimmest part of your waist, usually just above your navel.

Hips: Measure around the broadest part of your hips, including your buttocks.

Shoulder: Measure from one shoulder tip to the other, across the back of your neck.

Sleeve: Measure from the shoulder tip to the wrist, along the outer edge of your arm.

Length: Measure from the base of your neck to the desired hemline of your garment, depending on how long or short you want it to be.

  1. Once you have taken your measurements, you can enter them in our online order form, or contact our customer service team to place your order over the phone or via email. 

2.1 We will verify your measurements and preferences with you before we commence working on your garment. If you have any inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always delighted to help you.


2.2 We bear the responsibility for crafting the products based on the measurements provided by our valued clients. We kindly request you to meticulously follow the measurement guidelines available on our website to ensure accuracy. It’s crucial to exercise care and precision when taking your measurements. We recommend that the measurements you provide at the time of ordering should closely align with those you expect upon receiving the product. This ensures a seamless and tailored fit, enhancing your overall satisfaction with our creations.

2.3 There may be instances where we need to carefully assess how to adjust the customer’s provided measurements to align with the specific materials used in the ordered product. Given the variability in fabric types, with some being stretchable and others not, it becomes our responsibility as a company to ensure that these fabrics are tailored in a manner that complements the customer’s measurements, thus ensuring a proper fit. Our commitment is to deliver a product that not only matches the customer’s size but also accommodates the unique characteristics of the chosen fabric, resulting in a garment that fits seamlessly and enhances the wearer’s comfort and satisfaction.

2.4 We kindly request that you acknowledge our policy of withholding refunds if you submit erroneous measurements for your garment. Nevertheless, we provide a modification service for a reasonable charge, depending on the intricacy of the alteration. If you are displeased with the fit of your garment, please reach out to us within 14 days of obtaining your order, and we will facilitate a return and modification. You will bear the shipping expenses of dispatching and receiving your garment. We value your comprehension and collaboration in this matter.


Thank you for selecting Devon, where we transform couture visions into reality.

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