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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Where do you ship to?
    Ans: We offer global shipping services.

    2. How long will my order take?
    Ans: The production duration varies depending on the specific dress.
    Shipping typically ranges from 3 to 5 days.

    3. How do I ship my order back to you?
    Ans: If you wish to initiate a return for your order, it is essential to reach out to us within 7-15  days of receiving your purchase and request a return authorization.

    4. What sizes are available?
    Ans: We offer a range of sizes, starting from XS and extending up to XXXL to cater to a wide variety of body types.

    5. Can I make alterations to the dress?
    Ans: It is advisable to reach out to our sales representatives if you require any modifications or alterations to the dress, as the feasibility of such changes may vary depending on the specific product. Our team will assist you in determining the customization options available for your chosen dress and guide you through the process to ensure your satisfaction with the final product. Your communication with our sales agents is crucial in achieving the desired alterations and ensuring that the dress aligns perfectly with your preferences and requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable representatives for personalised assistance with any adjustments you wish to make to your selected dress.

    6. How long do your products take to be made?
    Ans: The production timeline is subject to variation based on the specific dress you choose.

    7. Can the dress be made in another colour? Will that affect the price?
    Ans: Certainly, we can create dresses in alternative colours without any impact on the cost.

    8. Can I rent a dress?
    Ans: We do not offer rental services for our products.

    9. How is quality ensured?
    Ans: Our dresses are meticulously crafted using premium-quality fabrics, guaranteeing exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

    10. I emailed you. When will I get a response?
    Ans: As soon as our sales agents become available, they will promptly respond to your request.

    11. Can I place an order by phone?
    Ans: Certainly, you can find the relevant contact numbers on our website for reference.

    12. Can you make the exact design from a photo I found?
    Ans: Our focus lies exclusively within the realm of our own creations!

    13. Who makes the garments?
    Ans: The production department at DEVON FASHION INTERNATIONAL INC oversees all manufacturing processes.

    14. What do I do if the order is damaged?
    Ans: In such instances, it is recommended that you reach out to our customer support team within 24 hours of receiving your order.
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