Destination of Elegance !


DEVON FASHION INTERNATIONAL INC (sh.p.k), subsequently denominated as “DEVON FASHION INTERNATIONAL INC,” “Devon,” “The Company,” or “We” throughout this accord, and


The Purchaser, who procures items from or alternative platforms, hereinafter designated as the “Purchaser” within this pact.


The essence of this agreement is to formalise the shared and reciprocal entitlements and duties that establish the connection between the parties concerning the procurement of Devon’s merchandise through the website, in addition to the delivery services provided by the company to the purchaser for said products.


DEVON FASHION INTERNATIONAL INC s product offerings, including Ready-Made, Pre-Made, and Custom-Made options, along with detailed product information, are accessible on the official website of the company, which can be visited at


The prices for each of Devon’s product offerings are prominently displayed on the website and remain valid until updated. Additionally, Devon retains the discretion to provide temporary discounts on specific products as deemed appropriate.


It’s essential to note that the prices shown on the website do not encompass any extra taxes or charges. These supplementary fees are not within our company’s purview and are therefore the buyer’s responsibility, in alignment with their respective national tax regulations. Our company bears no liability for any ensuing taxes or charges.


Please be aware that any discounts or offers extended by Devon are subject to specific terms and conditions that will be communicated alongside the respective promotion.


Regarding payment for our products, there are two options available to the buyer:


  1. For Pre-Made and Custom-Made orders, you have the choice to pay half of the product’s price upon placing the order, with the remaining half to be paid when the order is prepared for shipment.


  1. Alternatively, if you are making a Ready-Made order, you can opt to pay the full price upfront.


Payments can be completed through the following methods:


  • Bank Cards: Both Credit and Debit cards from all banks, both Kosovo and international, are accepted.


  • Stripe is another accepted payment platform.


Please note that the time required for the bank to confirm your payment is not factored into the “working period for a product,” which is the time it takes for us to prepare your order for shipment. This clarification ensures transparency and accurate expectations regarding the order processing timeline.


Product shipments will adhere to the agreed-upon schedule with the buyer, typically falling within a 3 to 7 business day timeframe. 


We take great care to ensure that all purchases are prepared within the specified timeframe, guaranteeing that the product handed over to the courier is in impeccable condition and ready for shipping. Once your order is dispatched, we will promptly furnish you with a tracking number.


It is important to note that the company cannot be held liable for any delays, non-deliveries, or damage that may occur during the shipping process by courier companies. Additionally, any issues arising from the delivery companies’ services are beyond our control and responsibility.


Both Parties herein affirm to the other Party that all the declarations within this Agreement stand as true and precise, with each representation being considered given or reiterated by the respective party.


In response, the purchaser openly acknowledges and affirms their acquaintance with the contract’s stipulations, pricing structures, payment procedures, and our product and service delivery protocol, all contingent upon our mutual accord. Furthermore, they confirm that they have thoroughly reviewed and comprehended the overarching terms of the contract, pledging to fulfil their obligations in a punctual manner.


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