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  • Mermaid Silhouette: The gown features a two-piece design with a form-fitting emerald green bodice and a flared skirt, creating the classic and alluring mermaid silhouette.
  • One-Shoulder Cape: A dramatic long sleeve one-shoulder cape adds an element of grandeur, cascading to the floor and providing a striking contrast to the fitted gown.
  • Crystal Beadwork: The top of the gown is adorned with intricate hand-crafted crystal beadwork, enhancing its luxurious appeal with sparkling details.
  • Double Strap Support: The gown includes a double strap built-in bra, offering both comfort and a seamless fit, while the 3D flower embellishments add a touch of artistry.
  • High Thigh Slit: A high thigh slit on the skirt provides a bold and elegant touch, allowing for graceful movement and a hint of allure.
  • Emerald Green & Black Combination: The striking color combination of emerald green and black offers a sophisticated and timeless look.
  • Devon Couture by Jannat Akhi: As part of the Devon Couture by Jannat Akhi collection, this gown represents the pinnacle of high fashion and impeccable design.

This mermaid gown is designed to make a lasting impression, perfect for special occasions where you want to stand out with elegance and style.

Two Piece Mermaid Gown

The Shiny Sheer Senorita mermaid gown is a sartorial treasure that redefines elegance. This two piece marvel, with its form-fitting emerald green bodice and flowing black skirt, creates a silhouette that celebrates the female form. The mermaid cut of the gown flares at the knee, mimicking the graceful curves of oceanic tales, while the spandex material ensures a perfect fit that accentuates your natural grace.

Long Sleeve One Shoulder Cape

Draped over one shoulder, the long sleeve cape adds a touch of drama and sophistication to the ensemble. This floor-grazing element of design brings a regal air to the gown, its sheer fabric billowing like a banner of nobility. It is a modern nod to the capes of yesteryears, reimagined for the contemporary goddess.

Crystal Beadwork

The gown’s bodice is a canvas for the exquisite crystal beadwork that adorns it. Handcrafted with precision, the beads catch the light and twinkle like stars against the night sky. The intricate patterns formed by the crystals are reminiscent of delicate butterfly wings, adding a fantastical element to the gown’s overall design.

Double Strap Built-in Bra

Functionality meets fashion with the gown’s double strap built-in bra. This feature provides support without sacrificing style, allowing for a seamless look under the sheer fabric. The hand-beaded straps are not just structural elements but also key details that contribute to the gown’s luxurious aesthetic.

Senorita, A Devon Couture by Jannat Akhi

Every stitch of this gown speaks of the artistry and vision of Devon Couture by Jannat Akhi. Known for creating pieces that are both innovative and timeless, Jannat Akhi’s designs are a celebration of individuality and elegance. The Shiny Sheer Senorita gown, with its blend of boldness and beauty, is a testament to the brand’s dedication to fashion as a form of art.



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