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Elevate your presence with this opulent two-piece ensemble, a true embodiment of luxury. It features an asymmetrical wrap-around tie top that exudes uniqueness and sophistication, commanding attention wherever you go.
The fitted skirt complements the top perfectly, adding to its allure. The skirt boasts a graceful sweep train, along with a daring thigh slit for a touch of boldness. To enhance your silhouette, it comes with strong shoulder pads and full sleeves, adding an extra layer of glamour.
What sets this ensemble apart is the exquisite beading that adorns the top, skirt slits, and hemline, making it simply irresistible and perfect for any special event. Prepare to make a grand entrance and leave a lasting impression, for this gorgeous style is nothing short of breathtaking and promises to make you the centre of attention.

Asymmetrical Wrap-Around Tie Top: A unique feature that adds a contemporary twist to the classic silhouette, offering a blend of sophistication and avant-garde style.

Strong Shoulder Pads: These provide a bold and structured look, enhancing the silhouette and adding an element of power dressing to the ensemble.

Full Sleeves with Plunge V Neck: The combination of full sleeves with a deep V neckline creates a balance of modesty and allure, perfect for making a statement.

Fitted Skirt with Thigh Slit: The skirt is designed to hug the contours of the body, while the thigh slit introduces a daring element, perfect for showcasing confidence and grace.

Sweep Train: The long train adds a touch of drama and elegance, ensuring that your presence is felt with every step you take.

Exquisite Beadwork: Intricate beads adorn the top, skirt slits, and hemline, reflecting light and adding a luxurious sparkle to the entire outfit.

Fabric Choice: The use of plain scuba fabric paired with polyester silk lining ensures a comfortable fit while exuding a sleek and polished look.

Silver Color: The choice of silver as the color palette lends the ensemble a timeless elegance and a versatile appeal for various occasions.

Zipper Side Closure: A practical addition that allows for ease of wear while maintaining the sleek profile of the skirt.

Fabric: Plain scuba, lining polyester silk.
Details: Shoulders pads built, beadwork on top, skirt. Full sleeves, zipper side closure on skirt,
Colour: Silver
Length: Long train
Neckline: Plunge V neck

Fitted Skirt

The skirt is a masterpiece of design, featuring a graceful sweep train and a daring thigh slit that adds a touch of audacity to your stride. The skirt’s silhouette is further enhanced by a zipper side closure, ensuring a seamless fit that celebrates your form.

Full Sleeves with Plunge V Neck

Adorn your arms with the elegance of full sleeves, paired with a V neck that offers a tantalizing glimpse of allure. The strong shoulder pads elevate the structure of the top, adding a dimension of power and sophistication to your ensemble.

Two-Piece Ensemble

This opulent two-piece ensemble is a true testament to luxury. The asymmetrical wrap-around tie top boasts uniqueness and sophistication, while the skirt complements it with equal allure, promising to make you the center of attention.

Exquisite Beadwork

The ensemble is embellished with exquisite beadwork, meticulously placed on the top, skirt slits, and hemline. Each bead catches the light, creating a constellation of shimmer that makes this outfit simply irresistible.

Fabric and Details

Crafted from plain scuba with a lining of polyester silk, this ensemble promises comfort without compromising on style. The built-in shoulder pads and beadwork are a testament to the attention to detail that defines Devon.

Color and Length

Drenched in a silver hue that echoes the moon’s mystique, the ensemble features a long train that leaves a trail of enchantment.


The V neck invites admiration and adds a bold statement to the sophisticated full sleeves, ensuring that your arrival is nothing short of a grand entrance.

Reverie, Devon Couture by Jannat Akhi

Step into the spotlight with the Devon two-piece ensemble, meticulously crafted by the visionary designer Jannat Akhi. This luxurious creation is designed to accentuate your grace and poise, ensuring you command attention at every turn.Embrace the essence of modern luxury with Devon by Jannat Akhi—where every stitch tells a story of elegance and every detail echoes a promise of unforgettable moments.



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